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Dunder Mifflin Off-Broadway

In The Office! A Musical Parody, a documentary TV crew has begun filming the lives of the employees at Scranton’s third-largest paper company, Dunder Mifflin. Songs inspired by The Office will include “Welcome to Scranton,” “That's What She Said,” “Marry Me, Beasley,” and “Threat Level Mid Afternoon.”

In this musical adaptation, Tom portrays Jim Halpert and Andy Bernard.

What people are saying:


“Tom McGovern absolutely embodied Jim to a “T”. Not only was his delivery perfect,

but his mannerisms were spot on. His chemistry with another standout, Taylor Coriell (Pam, Erin) was the heart of the show.”

-The Pop Break

“Had you told me that in the year 2018 myself and

a room full of people would be clapping along while a white man wearing an argyle sweater played the banjo and sang about his whiteness, I would have laughed in your face. But McGovern's Nard Dog was so incredibly charming that you couldn't resist.”


“Scene-stealer McGovern is uncanny as anger-challenged Andy,

whose banjo number “You’re the White One for Me” is as uproarious as it is clever. (It is wonderfully ironic that he states, “I am Andrew Bernard and I am here to ruin this show”- in this musical he does quite the opposite.)”

-Theatre Pizzaz

New York Magazine