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Dunder Mifflin Off-Broadway

In The Office! A Musical Parody, a documentary TV crew has begun filming the lives of the employees at Scranton’s third-largest paper company, Dunder Mifflin.

In this musical adaptation, Tom portrays Jim Halpert and Andy Bernard.

What people are saying:


“Tom McGovern absolutely embodied Jim to a “T”. Not only was his delivery perfect,

but his mannerisms were spot on. His chemistry with another standout, Taylor Coriell (Pam, Erin) was the heart of the show.”

-The Pop Break

“Had you told me that in the year 2018 myself and

a room full of people would be clapping along while a white man wearing an argyle sweater played the banjo and sang about his whiteness, I would have laughed in your face. But McGovern's Nard Dog was so incredibly charming that you couldn't resist.”


“Scene-stealer McGovern is uncanny as anger-challenged Andy,

whose banjo number “You’re the White One for Me” is as uproarious as it is clever. (It is wonderfully ironic that he states, “I am Andrew Bernard and I am here to ruin this show”- in this musical he does quite the opposite.)”

-Theatre Pizzaz

New York Magazine